sâmbătă, 6 septembrie 2014

How to make your broadband internet connection to run automatically from the windows startup!

How to make you broadband internet connection to establish from the windows startup:

1. Go to Control Panel, and right click on you Broadband Connection and assure that is set as default connection, after that click on proprieties, then to options tab, and uncheck the option "Prompt for name and password, certificate, etc.", then set the number of redial attempts (you may put 5 for example), and after it set the time between redial attempts to 3 seconds for example, after those click on OK.

2. Right Click on your Broadband Connection and Create A Shortcut to it on your desktop, and then open from the start menu the startup folder for all the users, (Start - All Programs - Right Click on Startup Folder - Open All Users), and cut there the shortcut of your Broadband Connection.

Good Luck!