vineri, 17 iulie 2015

Laptop, netbook, notebook, overheating and high cpu usage almost 100% while on windows or gaming, slow performances fix (tutorial).

How to fix laptop, netbook, notebook overheating and high cpu usage, on windows or while gaming.

Method 1:

Go to:

Control Panel -> Power Options -> Click on: Change Plan Settings (at the option which is active selected) -> Then on the window which has opened click on: Change advanced power settings -> Search on the opened list: "Processor power management" -> Click on it to expand the list of options.

-> Choose for: Minimum processor state: 3%
-> Choose for: Sistem cooling policy: Active <- (the most important)
-> Choose for: Maximum processor state: 90%.

This tutorial has been presented on Windows 7, but it is possible to work on all the operating sistems.